Work Process
Your side: fill out & upload these elements
  • Build your schedule.
  • Securely submit data: upload excel, csv, txt files via FTP site.
  • Submit documents: word docs, jpegs, or InDesign files for your email and mail projects.


Our side: pre-flight check-in, testing, proofing

Review project with an experienced account service rep (your right hand assistant for this project), all steps are defined – so you’re in the know. We guide the project along and make sure of every detail (you know the saying about details and yep – it’s true).

  • Data processing – experienced technical staffers work with your data and variable information to set-up and streamline the communications: mail and email are integrated easily and efficiently.
  • Proofs – your chance to review & revise as needed.
  • Testing – receive tests to ensure quality.


Documentation, take-off

  • Email or mail is deployed on schedule.
  • Documentation – on-line reports 24/7 activity. Check project details: quantities, costs, materials, responses – total accountability from your desk or smartphone.