Emailing everywhere: how to make it work for your organization: 5 steps to follow to ensure BETTER results


By: Sarah Bender, Integrated Direct Marketer, CEO, Champion of Quality Work with a Purpose and dedicated Mom to children and rescue dogs.

  1. Clean Data: The old IT saying: ‘garbage in, garbage out is key here’. Managing customer & prospect data is important on many levels. First, you want data that delivers and arrives in the IN folder the Junk folder. Second, using good data allows for an array of opportunities that can boost response. Proven software methods to clean, purge, retain, track and refine your lists is critical. Tools such as email address verifications, duplicate eliminators, and name verification tools are all part of the quality process.
  1. Create compelling content: Relevancy – think “what’s in it for me”. The offer, the message and the call to action should all benefit your customer and prospects – if it doesn’t you’ll lose them in the fraction of a second that it takes to click delete.
  1. Personalize: Catch and hold the attention of the customer or prospect by using their name. Everyone loves to see their name – so use it in the subject line and in the body copy. I’ve seen it used in large type effectively. It’s about creating and sustaining a relationship – so the use of names, their city or info and thanks about their past purchases or recent activity helps with the purpose of your email content.
  1. Spam proof your subject line & content. Will a dollar sign or the word free send your email off into the bowels of junk or not get delivered at all? Make sure to comply with CAN-SPAM law rules – we help with that so you avoid getting booted from the ISP’s that receive the message and process it to the individual mail boxes. Have a clear Privacy Policy and diligently maintain customer preferences. The better your reputation of sending clean/clear email addresses & content the better you’ll fare with the major ISP’s.
  1. Trigger emails: Creating the right message at the right time. There are steps to tending a garden, making a sandwich and planning a road trip. Same for Welcome messages, Reactivation, Payment Confirmations and Promotions. Based on customer preferences, business systems and operational marketing the importance of a documented Plan & Scope of Work is key. Map out goals, benefits and any ramifications and then assign the tactics of data, timing and outcome.

These 5 steps easily can lead to another 5, stay tuned.

Always improve.