Case History: Transactional email and mail program


Our Involvement: Integrated Email & Mailing Program

Costs are reduced by integrating variable data email for account notifications, payment reminders and customer service. Data, documents and timing are put into play. Our Solutions: myriad technology choices and the ability to test, change and redefine the document life cycle.  Customer engagement isn’t confined to just marketing. Every transactional communication strengthens the sum of experiences that determines a customers commitment and their overall lifetime value.

  • Payment reminder notices & receipts for payments are systematically
    processed. File post daily to the secure server. The automated
    program systematically processes the data for document versions and
    data variables.
  • Data splits into corresponding transactional documents based on file
    designator and data specifics. The system analyzes the input data for
    accurate email addresses which is prioritized over U.S. mail.
  • Comprehensive Data Management: Opt in, unsubscribes for email, and
    National Change of Address for mailing addresses
  • On-line reporting: Postage, inventory and activity by quantities at
    store level are summarized for management.